PTG Terengganu

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In 1984, the office of the District Collector of Land Revenue converted to the District Land and then amended again to post Administrator in accordance with the amendments to the Land Code Country. All Land Office has moved to the District and Land Office Complex new, more spacious and comfortable starting with Kemaman Land Office on June 14, 1982. The migration is followed by Besut Land Office on March 25, 1989, Setiu Land Office in 1990, the Land Office Aurangabad in 1994, the Land Office on 1 September 1996 Marang, Hulu Terengganu Land Office on June 1, 1997 and the Land Office in Kuala Terengganu on August 1, 1998 .

Kemaman Land Office was first established Land Office in Terengganu, in the year 1888 with the appointment of District Officer cum District Collector of Land Revenue Kemaman. This was followed by the Land Office in 1920 Marang, Hulu Terengganu Land Office was established in 1922, Kuala Terengganu Land Office in 1923, the Land Office in 1927 Besut Land Office in 1929. Land Office is the latest Setiu created position on January 1, 1985 due to alteration of district boundaries - Besut and Kuala Terengganu.

History of the establishment of the PTG detectable from 1920 with the appointment of the Commissioner of Lands and Mines first. Features - certain functions of this office has been continued by the Director of Lands and Mines began in 1958 through the Federal Lands Ordinance 1957.

PTG will also seek to improve its customer service. In this regard, I welcome the constructive and positive outlook to further enhance the site information management and land administration towards a better and more efficient.